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5S & LEAN Inventory Control

Made-to-order foam shadow boards, case inlays or assembly kits are a top tray, pull drawer, toggle latch and click away. Contact us to learn how to get outfitted, get organized, get 5S or LEAN compliant and get a good deal!

OEM Organizational Solutions

Hook into our custom foam shadow boards or assembly kits, and take a big bite out of lost tool and part costs. Practical and functional, our custom foam solutions are made-to-order according to your specifications. Each and every one is precisely made for the size and shape of your tools or parts. Ideal for Lean manufacturing, 5S or FOD programs.


Seahorse cases provide maximum protection for your tools, equipment and supplies. They are ideal for sensitive precision measuring equipment, tactical equipment and guns, photography equipment, automotive tools, laptops and more. All Seahorse cases are designed to be waterproof (IP67 or better) and are either airtight or have automatic pressure equalization valves to prevent damage to the interior contents.

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