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Closed-Cell Form Inserts to Protect Your Assets

The Highest Quality Protection

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Workstation Management & Kitting

A place for everything, and everything in its place! Save time and money by having what you need when you need it.


Your firearms are expensive and deserve special protection. Shark-co inserts proudly display and protect your prized possessions.

Automotive, Aviation, & Aerospace

We use the finest in heat and solvent resistant material, ensuring long life, while allowing quick access. Protect your investment with Shark-Co!

Military Application

Let us design and fabricate protective cases and custom foam insert solutions for defense, military, and homeland security applications.


We use our CNC milling process to crate dunnage to your specification in order to keep your shipment safe and secure.

Emergency Responders

When medical situations arise, saving time saves lives.


5S & LEAN Inventory Control Solutions

Made-to-order foam shadow boards, case inlays or assembly kits are a top tray, pull drawer organizer. Contact us to learn how to get outfitted, get organized, get 5S or Six Sigma LEAN compliant.


OEM Organizational Solutions

Hook into our custom foam shadow boards or assembly kits, and take a big bite out of lost tool and part costs. Practical and functional, our custom foam solutions are made-to-order according to your specifications. Each and every one is precisely made for the size and shape of your tools or parts. Ideal for Lean manufacturing, 5S or FOD programs.


Shark-Co offers a variety of cases which provide maximum protection for your tools, equipment and supplies. All sourced cases are designed to be waterproof (IP67 or better) and are either airtight or have automatic pressure equalization valves to prevent damage to the interior contents. They are dust-proof and crush resistant and most cases include safety latches as standard equipment.

Lasered Inventory Tags

If you plan to implement an inventory control, you’re going to want to this additional feature. Laser-etched metal tags with qr codes allow you to tag and track the tools or parts designated for each shadow board or case insert. It’s just one of the options to consider when ordering your custom foam solution from Shark-Co.



No Project Too Big Or Too Small

When equipment is down, saving time saves money. When medical situations arise, saving time saves lives. And when military operations demand precision, saving time saves more.

Highly-trained professionals need high-quality and well-organized cases to do their jobs or complete their missions. With Shark-Co custom foam case inserts, they can organize, transport, protect and identify everything in a glance.

Fit any industrial or military grade mobile case, large and small with up to 4 inch thick solid bun stock. Our foam can also be layered in order to provide storage for large items with varying depths.

Every component is carefully scanned and drawn to the exact shape of each component in multiple perspectives to ensure proper fit every time. We also design in grip slots so your items are easy to remove.

While anything but standard, Shark-Co custom foam shadow boards feature your customized color combination. We readily carry yellow, blue, grey, and red for immediate production

Along with your custom foam case kit inserts, Shark-Co offers several options:

-Laser-etched inventory control on each insert

-Laser-etched identification tags on each insert

-Machine-routed customer logo in each insert



Manufactured in the USA


We’re proud to be one of the many Women-Owned businesses in the United States.

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