Dunnage and Packaging Solutions

We work with your team to solve your complex packaging, product, and shipping challenges. Our foam inserts create the perfect custom protective packaging and material-handling solutions for a variety of markets and applications. Each solution is shaped by a level of design, materials, and process expertise to fit your unique application.


A Variety of Applications

From the factory floor through the entire distribution chain, Shark-Co foam inserts deliver innovations that offer critical benefits for the packaging, shipping, and material-handling industries. Our foam inserts maximize protection of your most valued products and are engineered to improve performance and efficiency.

Efficient Handling

Our reusable dunnage product uses high-quality, heat-treated foam to deliver customized protection inserts for your transport case. With Shark-Co’s custom packaging system, your staff will need less time to handle or repack materials before they arrive to the end user. Our foam dunnage presents your items ready for use. This product provides a substantial value-add and a worthy investment for your business.

Keep Your Products Safe

Shark-Co foam is manufactured in the USA and meets all federal specifications. Using our distinctive cross-linked and closed-cell polyethylene foam, we create products that are resistant to:

  • Fire & Water
  • Mildew
  • Odors, Stains, & Tears
  • Harsh chemicals and lubricants

Benefit from Shark-Co Performance

Protect items during shipping with our high-quality reusable foam dunnage. Our durable packing material gives cushioning and stability, ensuring your items will be safe through the whole shipping and handling process. For sensitive items like electronics, medical equipment, or sharp/fragile pieces with very specific dimensions, foam dunnage is the preferred product of top manufacturers to ensure a safe shipping process. Shark-Co’s dunnage products also:

  • Absorb shock
  • Prevent movement and damage
  • Insulate from moisture
  • Withstand tough environmental conditions
  • Provide a sustainable shipping solution

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