First Responders

No matter whether you use 1, 2, 3 etc bay toolboxes, have all the add-ons like top boxes, side lockers or storage cabinets, Shark-Co can customize foam shadow boards in order to help you implement a functioning tool control and FOD prevention program.

Organizational System for Narcotics Box

When seconds matter & missing drugs can cost an EMS their job and even freedom, having a place for everything and everything in it place is key. Some added protection against drops isn’t a bad thing either. That’s what Clinton County EMS got when we assessed their current narc box and configured their custom foam solution. After seeing benefits from increased accountability and time savings, they asked us to outfit their whole ambulance. Be sure to check out that gallery.

FIRE/RESCUE Foam Organizers

When your job is saving property and lives, seconds matter. Quick access to your equipment and tools is a must. Shark-Co custom foam solutions deliver the order and accountability you desire.

A place for everything and everything in its place when you need it. It’s the technique you teach. It’s the workplace you demand. It’s the visual order we deliver. Missing equipment and tools cost time and money, and can also cost jobs and even lives.

Shark-Co custom foam solutions help work get done efficiently, effectively and safely. No tool is left behind and no equipment is missing in action.

We’re proud to be one of the many women-owned businesses in the United States. We're equally proud to make our products in the USA with US sourced materials.

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