Custom Foam Inserts For Ambulances, Fire Service & Police

Shark-Co custom case insert solutions for first responders are durable, aid in organization, and keep everything in its place. Inserts can be a valuable tool for first responders, equipment manufacturers, and mobile healthcare professionals who need to work quickly to aid those in need.


A Variety of Applications

Professionals in the ambulance, fire, and police services face a dynamic and ever-changing healthcare and emergency service industry. Keeping up with these developments calls for a well-planned and executed method of stowing and moving vital machinery. From medical screening stations to emergency department groups, Shark-Co’s custom foam inserts serve a wide range of purposes and greatly enhance the effectiveness of first responders in potentially life-threatening situations.

Custom Foam Inserts For Ambulances, Fire Service & Police

Shark-Co foam inserts have been utilized in various medical

and EMS applications, including:

Medical Screening Station Cases

Thermometers, blood pressure monitors, and testing kits can all be safely stored in Shark-Co’s custom foam inserts designed specifically for medical screening stations. Everything in its place makes it easier for doctors to analyze patients swiftly.

Medical Workstation Case

Bespoke foam inserts make it easier to build transportable workstations that incorporate diagnostic tools, computers, tablets, and other crucial tools, enabling healthcare workers to operate efficiently in any environment.

Medical Imaging Cases

Shark-Co’s Custom foam inserts can safeguard delicate medical imaging equipment, providing safe transit and damage-free operation. This equipment includes ultrasound machines, X-ray machines, and portable MRI machines.

Portable Clinic Cases

For mobile clinics, Shark-Co’s custom foam inserts can fit everything from medical supplies to examination equipment, allowing medical personnel to care in off-the-beaten-path or underserved places.

Medical Demo Cases

Shark-Co’s Custom foam inserts provide a professional and structured display while safeguarding the equipment from harm during travel, whether showcasing medical devices and equipment to potential customers or training new employees.

EMS Ambulance Organization

To facilitate rapid and straightforward access for emergency medical service providers in urgent situations, custom foam inserts assist in organizing and securing crucial medical equipment, instruments, and supplies within ambulances.

Emergency Room Organizations

Emergency rooms must have all the necessary tools and supplies. Tailored foam inserts improve organization and storage, making it easier for staff to find and use tools quickly.

Shark-Co Manufacturing enables specialists in these sectors to streamline their workflow, secure their priceless equipment, and ultimately save lives by creating customized storage systems that respond to the specific needs of each case.

Our Approach

Shark-Co Manufacturing’s custom foam inserts emphasize meeting the specific requirements of each application to help first responders be more efficient and well-organized. Our foam inserts meet the diverse needs of various industries thanks to our dedication to collaborative research and development, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, and strict quality control. High-quality materials and advanced production methods allow us to make protective inserts that meet the rigors of emergency response settings. Find out firsthand how our one-of-a-kind method may improve the efficacy of your rescue efforts.

Exceptional Benefits of Shark-Co

Performance Custom Foam Inserts

Our case inserts assist EMS and medical professionals by allowing them to:

  • Perform jobs faster
  • Save labor hours
  • Maximize profits
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Eliminate waste
  • Accelerating workflow
  • Protecting valuable items
  • Tell what’s missing at a glance
  • Prioritize safety
  • Decrease downtime

Shark-Co Performance’s bespoke foam inserts bring a plethora of benefits that radically alter how first responders do their jobs. Our custom foam inserts will allow you to work more quickly, earn more money, and look after the welfare of your staff better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What materials are used in Shark-Co custom foam inserts?

A: We use a high-quality, durable foam shadow board solution material, closed-cell polyethylene foam. This material is chosen for its dense yet lightweight feature, durability, impact resistance, and chemical resistance, making it suitable for protecting sensitive equipment.

Q: Can I have custom foam inserts made for any size or shape of equipment?

A: Yes. Shark-Co’s custom foam inserts are designed and fabricated to accommodate any size or shape of equipment first responders use. We often work closely with you to ensure that the foam inserts meet your requirements, providing optimal protection and organization for your gear.

Q: How long does it take to produce a custom foam insert?

A: Yes. Shark-Co’s custom foam inserts are designed and fabricated to accommodate any size or shape of equipment first responders use. We often work closely with you to ensure that the foam inserts meet your requirements, providing optimal protection and organization for your gear.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity for custom foam inserts?

A:  Shark-Co Manufacturing caters to small and large orders, ensuring every client’s needs are met. Whether you require a single custom foam insert or a large quantity, we are committed to providing exceptional products and service for all our clients.

Q: Do you offer international shipping?

A: Yes. We ship custom foam inserts to clients worldwide. Shipping costs and delivery times will vary based on the destination and order size. Please contact us for more information regarding international shipping.

Transform Your Emergency Service Operations

with Shark-Co Custom Foam Inserts

Learn firsthand how our custom foam inserts can improve your emergency response. Shark-Co Manufacturing specializes in creating bespoke solutions that improve efficiency, productivity, and security. Contact the owner, Jason Sharkey, at (317) 670-6397 to discuss your specific requirements and learn how our premium custom foam inserts may improve your athletic performance. We’re here to assist you in realizing all of your emergency service potential.

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