Cases for Every Application

Shark-Co offers a variety of cases which provide maximum protection for your tools, equipment, and supplies. They are ideal for sensitive precision measuring equipment, tactical equipment and guns, photography equipment, automotive tools, laptops, and more.


Find a Case for Your Insert

We provide a range of sizes, configurations, and accessories to safeguard and secure your possessions against impact and damage, from tiny micro cases to substantial rolling cases.

Dust-proof, crush-resistant, and watertight. Your products are safe in our premium cases, which were designed to withstand the weather. With optional automated pressure equalization technology, our cases can adjust to changes in temperature or altitude.

Remember, all cases can be paired without custom foam inserts to fulfill any application you might need.

Our Approach

All sourced cases are designed to be waterproof (IP67 or better) and are either airtight or have automatic pressure equalization valves to prevent damage to the interior contents. They are dust-proof and crush resistant and most cases include safety latches as standard equipment. Non-corrosive plastic locks and chrome metal locks are available. Larger cases come with telescoping handles, wheels, and ball bearing hubs/axles.

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