Aviation and Aerospace

Shark-Co works with you to develop custom foam solutions for your aviation and aerospace tools. We realize that tool inventory management and control is an issue of key importance for your industry, especially when implementing 5S LEAN and Six Sigma standards. Avoid foreign object debris and catastrophic events with a place for every tool in contrasting foam.


A Variety of Applications

FOD can be caused by lost tools and parts getting tangled in control cables, jamming moving parts, and shorting out electrical connections. At Shark-Co, we’re attacking FOD at the source. Our custom foam and inventory solutions give aircraft OEMs and maintenance teams the tools they need to meet control procedures for toolbox and kitting inventories.

Inventory Control

Shark-Co inserts help you to accomplish your 5S LEAN and Six Sigma objectives. Numerous aviation companies trust Shark-Co foam inserts with high-value aviation and aerospace tools and parts in their assembly, repair, and overhaul facilities because we have developed top-quality, customized foam inserts they need.

Benefit from Shark-Co Performance

We know that misplaced tooling can account for time-consuming and revenue-damaging down-time. Our inserts give you the ability to respond quickly and efficiently when a tool or item is missing, hopefully preventing an aircraft being taken out of service. Organized kitting utilizing our foam inserts not only prevents tools from ending up where they shouldn’t, but also aids in speeding up repairs.

We also understand that highly specialized aerospace tools, parts, and components require a significant investment. Shark-Co inserts provide you a perfect fit for your tools and more every time. Additionally, we offer laser engraved parts or serial numbers along with contrasting foam for added confirmation that everything is or more importantly NOT in its right place. Our inserts allow you to:

  • Save labor hours
  • Maximize profits
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Eliminate waste
  • Protect valuable items
  • Tell what’s missing at a glance
  • Protect expensive tools from damage
  • Master 5s and Lean
  • Prioritize safety
  • Decrease downtime

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