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Embark on a journey with Shark-Co Manufacturing, a woman-owned, veteran-employed business, where we breathe life into custom foam inserts, serving Phoenix and its residents. Our roots are anchored in Lebanon, Indiana. Still, our dedication to quality, efficiency, and cost-saving solutions in custom foam inserts has led us to extend our professional service to the heart of Phoenix.

With a reputation for creating state-of-the-art custom foam inserts, we take pride in our USA-made products that aren’t just built for function but designed for resilience in harsh workplace environments. Shark-Co’s polyethylene cross-linked closed-cell foam withstands fire, water, and chemical interactions, leaving no room for stains or odors. Our manufacturing process embodies superior craftsmanship that started with an idea in 2016 and flourished into the thriving business we are today.

Unleashing Creativity: Your Customization Options
with Shark-Co’s Custom Foam Inserts

  • Size Specifications: We handle foam sizes up to 72 inches in length by 48 inches in width, with a thickness of up to 4 inches for solid bun stock. Our capabilities include layering foam to cushion large items with varying depths, ensuring an ideal fit every time.
  • Precision and Accessibility: We employ 3D imaging to scan each part meticulously and draw its exact shape from multiple perspectives for unmatched accuracy. Moreover, our foam inserts feature contoured edges and added grip slots for easy access, adding convenience to precision.
  • Color Palette: Reflect your brand personality with our diverse color options. Our standard color palette for immediate production includes red, blue, gray, yellow, charcoal, black, and white. We provide a wide array of Pantone color choices for those seeking to match specific brand colors, with over 1300 shades. Please note that some color and quantity limitations may apply, and custom colors may increase lead time.
  • Additional Customization Options: To further enhance your customization experience, we offer laser-etched inventory control codes and identification tags. You can also make your mark with machine-routed customer logos, adding a unique touch to your foam inserts.

Explore the possibilities with us and transform your shipping process. Our custom foam inserts are more than just products; they embody your brand, tailored to serve your unique needs.

Unparalleled Advantages: Reaping the Benefits of Shark-Co’s Performance

In the world of custom foam inserts, Shark-Co Manufacturing is synonymous with premium performance. Offering the perfect amalgamation of protection and convenience, our foam inserts serve as quintessential solutions for your packaging and material handling needs. Tailored to a range of markets and applications, the benefits of our foam inserts are manifold.

Custom-Tailored Protection: 

Our foam inserts go beyond mere storage; they offer a protective sanctuary for your assets. Shaped by superior design, materials, and processing expertise, our inserts shield your goods from potential damage, ensuring they reach their destination in pristine condition.

Material-Handling Mastery: 

Ease your material-handling process with our foam inserts. Specifically designed to fit your unique applications, they serve as reliable companions in your material-handling endeavors, simplifying your operations and boosting efficiency.

Diverse Market Applications: 

From industries like aerospace and automotive to medical and manufacturing settings, our foam inserts find their place. Tailored to suit many markets, they cater to unique needs across different sectors, highlighting our commitment to versatility and adaptability.

Enjoy the unmatched performance that comes hand in hand with our foam inserts. Choose us now and step into a world of tailor-made, premium-quality solutions.

Cutting-Edge Craftsmanship: Key Features of Shark-Co’s Tool Organizers

We believe in crafting products that redefine norms, outshine expectations, and create an unforgettable user experience. Our tool organizers are designed to leave a mark and are brimming with features that make them stand out in custom foam inserts.

  • Unyielding Stability: Each of our foam inserts features non-slip surfaces that prevent any shifting of your tools. With our inserts, your tools stay where you place them, undisturbed and undeterred.
  • Accommodating Depths: From flat wrenches to bulky power tools, our foam inserts have got them covered. We offer varying foam depths to ensure the secure placement of tools, regardless of their shape or size.
  • Unmatched Resilience: Our resilient foam keeps your tools clean and well-protected. Our foam is resistant to dust and dirt, allowing your tools to stay immaculate.
  • Easy Access: No more fumbling around extracting tools from their storage. Removing tools from our inserts becomes a breeze with conveniently placed grip slots.
  • Visual Inventory Management: Our contrasting two-toned foam shadow boarding simplifies inventory management. An unoccupied spot is instantly noticeable, helping you keep track of each tool and never misplace one.
  • Efficient Workspace Organization: Our foam kitting allows you to maintain control over an extensive collection of tools, aiding in effective workspace organization. With clearly defined spots for each tool, boost your performance and efficiency.

Widespread Applications: The Universal Utility of Shark-Co’s Custom Foam Inserts

The versatility and adaptability of our custom foam inserts transcend boundaries. Serving diverse needs across various settings, our foam inserts elevate efficiency, promote safety, and contribute significantly to operational productivity.

  • For the Personal Tinkerer: 

Whether you are an enthusiastic hobbyist or a professional craftsman, our foam inserts are perfect for organizing small toolboxes for personal use. Keep your tools secured, easy to locate, and readily accessible for a smoother workflow.

  • In Aerospace and Military Environments: 

Precision and accountability take center stage in these critical sectors. Our foam inserts can be efficiently utilized to equip armorers, ensuring all tools are accounted for during repairs to prevent foreign object damage (FOD).

  • For Automotive and Racing Shops: 

Fast-paced and highly demanding, these environments require an optimal organization for efficient functioning. Our foam inserts, used as drawer shadow boards, mechanic case organizers, or toolbox organizers, boost efficiency and enhance safety in these high-stake scenarios.

  • In Medical Settings: 

Ambulances and other medical environments require meticulous organization, secure medical tools, and equipment storage. Our custom foam inserts fit any case, container, or drawer, ensuring safety, sanitation, and quick access to critical tools when needed.

  • In Manufacturing Units: 

Our custom foam inserts are ideal for the bustling manufacturing floor to keep tools and parts organized, enhancing productivity and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What customization options do you provide?

A: Our foam inserts can be fully customized according to your needs. This includes size, precision, accessibility, and color. We can handle foam sizes up to 72 inches in length by 48 inches in width, with a thickness of up to 4 inches. For colors, we offer a standard palette and over 1300 Pantone shades for specific brand matching.

Q: Are your foam inserts resistant to fire, water, and chemicals?

A: Yes. Our polyethylene cross-linked closed-cell foam is designed to withstand harsh elements, including fire, water, and chemical interactions. This makes our foam inserts particularly suitable for harsh workplace environments.

Q: Do you offer any additional features for foam inserts?

A: We offer several additional features, including laser-etched inventory control codes, identification tags, and machine-routed customer logos. These features allow you to personalize your foam inserts further.

Q: What applications are Shark-Co’s foam inserts suitable for?

A: Our foam inserts are adaptable to various markets and applications. From personal hobbyists to the aerospace and military sectors, automotive and racing shops, medical settings, and manufacturing units, our custom foam inserts can help with efficient tool organization, secure storage, and quick access.

Q: How does Shark-Co ensure the precision of the foam inserts?

A: We use advanced 3D imaging technology to scan each part meticulously, ensuring an accurate and precise fit. Our foam inserts also feature contoured edges and added grip slots for easy access and convenience.

Q: Do I need to be in Phoenix or Lebanon to avail of your services?

A: While we serve customers in Phoenix and are headquartered in Lebanon, Indiana, we can also assist clients from other locations. Please contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs, no matter where you are.

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