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If you’re looking for top-tier custom foam inserts in Chicago, Shark-Co Manufacturing is the name to trust. Serving the Windy City and surrounding areas, we leverage our expertise and innovation to provide durable, lightweight, and custom-tailored foam inserts for various applications. Each piece, crafted from our proprietary polyethylene cross-linked closed-cell foam, caters to your unique needs.

Our journey began in 2016 in a garage with just a single CNC milling machine, with founders Jason and Monica Sharkey, and their daughter Piper, at the helm. Today, we stand as a testament to a homegrown effort prioritizing quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. We’re not just a manufacturing company. We’re a dedicated team serving Chicago with the best custom foam inserts in the market.

Tailored for your Specific Needs

Customization Reimagined: The Distinctive Elements of Our Foam Inserts

Our unique customization approach addresses many needs:

  • Scalability and Layering: 

We understand that one size does not fit all. Our advanced technology can cut foam up to 72 inches in length, 48 inches in width, and 4 inches in solid and bun stock thickness. Our multilayered foam options provide versatile cushioning solutions for sizable items with various depths, ensuring an unparalleled fit every time.

  • Precise Designing: 

Our commitment to precision is unparalleled. Utilizing sophisticated 3D imaging, each part is thoroughly scanned, modeled, and drawn to match its exact shape, guaranteeing an impeccable fit with every production run. We also design our foam inserts with contoured edges and grip slots, ensuring ease of access and enhancing user experience.

  • Color Versatility: 

We believe in offering options that fit your brand’s identity. Our foam inserts come in a broad palette of standard colors (red, blue, gray, yellow, charcoal, black, and white), ready for immediate production. We extend additional color options to harmonize with your brand, although color and quantity limitations may apply. For those seeking a genuinely personalized branding experience, we can match up to 1300 Pantone color book shades, noting that this will extend lead times.

  • Advanced Features: 

We further enhance our foam inserts by offering additional services. These include laser-etched inventory control codes, identification tags, and machine-routed customer logos, enhancing inventory management and amplifying brand resonance.

The Unyielding Resilience of Shark-Co Foam

Our foam, proudly manufactured in the USA, complies with all federal specifications and stands tall against the harshest conditions.

Our unique foam crafts products resist an array of unfavorable factors:

  • Resistance to Fire & Water: Our foam inserts brave the elements, offering commendable resistance against fire and water.
  • Mildew Defense: With our foam, bid farewell to the persistent issue of mildew.
  • Odor, Stain, & Tear Guard: Our products remain fresh and clean, repelling odors, resisting stains, and standing firm against tears.
  • Shield against Harsh Substances: Our foam fearlessly combats harsh chemicals and lubricants, preserving the longevity of your valued assets.

While lightweight, our protective foam inserts provide a dense barrier against external threats, making them ideal for any environment. To cater to a spectrum of storage and safety needs, our foam products offer a variety of weights, ranging from 2 lbs to 6 lbs. This flexibility allows us to tailor solutions that safeguard your assets most effectively.

Unique Traits of Shark-Co Custom Foam Inserts

Once you experience the unparalleled features of our custom foam inserts, you’ll realize there’s no going back. Our unique foam adapts perfectly to your items, offering a secure, reliable fit in a flawless indentation. The precision with which we design our foam inserts caters to many requirements:

  • Anti-Slip Surfaces: Our foam inserts come with non-slip surfaces, eliminating the chances of your items shifting around.
  • Assorted Foam Depths: We provide varying foam depths, ensuring a snug fit for your oddly shaped tools or items.
  • Durable Foam: Our resilient foams are designed to keep your items pristine and free from dust and debris.
  • User-Friendly Design: With thoughtfully designed grip slots, removing items from our foam inserts is a breeze.

Our distinctive two-tone foam design aids in the quick identification of each item. It alerts you when an item is missing, helping you locate it and keep track of your inventory.

Guard your equipment sets with our foam kitting, controlling your extensive collection of tools or items. With the precise layout of our foam inserts, anyone can quickly determine where each item belongs, enhancing the organization and performance of your workspace.

All-Around Utility of Shark-Co’s Custom Foam Inserts

Our custom foam inserts have found their footing in an expansive range of settings, reflecting their exceptional versatility and adaptability.

  • In high-stakes environments such as aerospace and military operations, the accuracy, accountability, and rapid accessibility of tools are paramount. Our foam inserts provide a robust solution, safeguarding armorers from foreign object damage (FOD) by ensuring a dedicated and identifiable space for each tool, thus promoting efficient repairs and maintenance tasks.
  • Automotive workshops and racing shops are notoriously fast-paced, requiring flawless organization to keep up with demanding rhythms. Our drawer shadow boards, mechanic case organizers, and toolbox organizers step in here. By facilitating quick tool identification and retrieval, these foam inserts substantially increase the efficiency and safety of these environments, leading to smoother operations and fewer workplace accidents.
  • The urgency and precision of life-saving actions govern ambulances and healthcare settings. Speedy and reliable access to medical tools and equipment can make the difference between life and death. Recognizing this, we’ve designed our foam inserts to offer safe, secure, and rapid storage solutions, capable of fitting any case, container, or drawer and accommodating the specific needs of medical professionals.
  • In manufacturing units, where tools and parts are in constant use, the strategic organization of these resources becomes critical. Our custom foam inserts ensure that tools and parts are readily accessible in their designated places, enhancing productivity and maintaining a safe and orderly working environment.

 Our custom foam inserts showcase unmatched adaptability, whether a personal toolbox or an extensive tool organizing system in large-scale manufacturing operations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I am based in Chicago. Can I avail of your custom foam inserts?

A: Absolutely! We serve clients in Chicago and the surrounding areas. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best custom foam inserts.

Q: What if I have unique requirements for my custom hard cases? Can you accommodate them?

A: Yes, we specialize in meeting unique demands. Our process allows us to work closely with you to curate products that cater to your explicit needs.

Q: Do your foam inserts come with any added features?

A: Yes. We offer laser-etched inventory control codes, identification tags, and machine-routed customer logos to enhance inventory management and amplify your brand resonance.

Q: Can I request custom shapes for my foam inserts?

A: Absolutely! Utilizing sophisticated 3D imaging, we thoroughly scan the model and draw each part to match its shape, guaranteeing a perfect fit with every production run.

Q: Are the foam inserts resistant to external factors like water and fire?

A: Yes. Our foam inserts offer commendable resistance against fire and water and a robust defense against mildew, odors, stains, tears, harsh chemicals, and lubricants.

Q: Can I use your foam inserts for heavy-duty applications like military or aerospace operations?

A: Yes. They are designed to withstand high-stakes environments. They provide a dedicated and identifiable space for each tool, which is paramount in aerospace and military operations.

Q: Do your foam inserts aid in inventory management?

A: Our foam inserts come with features such as laser-etched inventory control codes and identification tags. Plus, our distinctive two-tone foam design aids in the quick identification of each item, helping you keep track of your inventory.

Q: Can your foam inserts fit any case, container, or drawer?

A: Yes. Our foam inserts showcase unmatched adaptability. Whether a personal toolbox or an extensive tool organizing system in large-scale manufacturing operations, our custom foam inserts can be designed to fit any case, container, or drawer.

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