Tool Organizers

Shark-Co Manufacturing provides the organizational solutions you need to transform the way you store your tools. Find every tool or part you need when you need it with a tool organizer from Shark-Co that allows for quick visual identification of every item in a secure, custom foam insert.

Using our CNC milling process, we create foam organizers, shadow boards, or kitting for your toolbox, drawer, case, or container to fit your particular needs with a custom, accurate cutout of every tool. Don’t waste any more time searching for tools that keep sliding around. Instead, 5S your toolbox using lean methods that protect your expensive tools from damage and increase productivity and safety in the workplace.

jasons toolbox with kitting
kitting in manufacturing

Tool Organizer Features

With the benefits from a Shark-Co tool organizer, you’ll never want to look back to the way things were before. Our unique foam is tailored to your items to ensure a secure, reliable fit in the perfect indentation. We manufacture precisely customized foam organizers with:

  • Non-slip surfaces to prevent shifting
  • Varying foam depths to secure oddly-shaped tools
  • Resilient foam to keep tools clean
  • Grip slots for easy removal

Contrasting two-toned foam shadow boarding allows you to easily see each part and be alerted when a tool is missing so you can find where it belongs to verify inventory. Protect large sets of equipment with foam kitting that allows you to keep control of an expansive collection of tools. Anyone can know where individual tools go, so you can organize your workspace for increased performance.

customized laser tag

Tool Organizer Utilization

From a small toolbox for personal use to large sets of tool organizers for manufacturing companies, Shark-Co’s tool organizers can be used in a wide swathe of settings.

  • In aerospace and military settings, tool organizers can equip armorers and prevent foreign object damage (FOD) by ensuring all tools are accounted for during repairs.
  • In automotive or racing shops, a drawer shadowboard, mechanic case organizer, or toolbox organizer increases efficiency and safety.
  • In ambulances and medical environments, medical tools and equipment can be safely stored and secured in our foam organizers that can fit any case, container, or drawer.
  • In manufacturing settings, tools and parts can be kept organized for increased productivity and safety.

Shark-Co Foam

Our durable inserts use high-quality, heat-treated foam to deliver customized, secure storage for your tools. Shark-Co foam is manufactured in the USA and meets all federal specifications. Using our distinctive cross-linked and closed-cell polyethylene foam, we create products that are resistant to:
  • Heat & Water
  • Mildew
  • Odors, Stains, & Tears
  • Harsh chemicals & lubricants
With dense yet lightweight foam, our protective inserts withstand any environment. Shark-Co’s foam products also come in a range of weights, from 4 lb to 15 lbs, that provide a variety of storage and safety capabilities to protect your individual assets.
custom tool organizers

Project Specifications:

Shark-Co works with you to customize tool organizers to fit your exact needs. See the Shark-Co difference when you use our products to store and organize your tools.

Size: We can cut foam up to 72 inches in length by 48 inches in width, with up to 4 inch thick solid bun stock. Our foam can also be layered in order to provide cushioning for large items with varying depths.

Accuracy: Every part is carefully scanned with precision imaging and drawn to its exact shape in multiple perspectives to ensure proper fit every time. We also design contoured edges and added grip slots for easy access.

Standard Color Combo: Our custom foam inserts feature our standard colors, red, blue, gray, and yellow, for immediate production. Each insert features a charcoal top layer for easy differentiation of fabricated storage spaces. More color options are available to match your brand and create a truly custom color combination, although some color and quantity limitations may apply.

Extra Options: We also provide laser-etched identification tags, laser-etched inventory control data, and laser-etched company logos.

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