Custom Foam Case Inserts




When equipment is down, saving time saves money. When medical situations arise, saving time saves lives. And when military operations demand precision, saving time saves more.

Highly-trained professionals need high-quality and well-organized cases to do their jobs or complete their missions. With Shark-Co custom foam case inserts, they can organize, transport, protect and identify everything in a glance.

Fit any industrial or military grade mobile case, large and small with up to 3 inch thick solid bun stock. Our foam can also be layered in order to provide storage for large items with varying depths.

Every component is carefully scanned and drawn to the exact shape of each component in multiple perspectives to ensure proper fit every time. We also design in grip slots so your items are easy to remove.

While anything but standard, Shark-Co custom foam shadow boards feature black and yellow as our standard color combination.

Along with your custom foam case kit inserts, Shark-Co offers several options:

  1. Laser-etched inventory control QR code on each insert
  2. Laser-etched identification tags on each insert
  3. Machine-routed customer logo in each insert
  4. Colored foam beyond the standard black and yellow – some color and quantity limitations apply


Shark-Co custom foam case inserts are dense enough and tough enough to handle years of use and handling. Made to order, these one-of-a-kind kits deliver immediate visual identification and inventory control, making sure every tool is accounted for.

We’re proud to be one of the many women-owned businesses in the United States. We're equally proud to make our products in the USA with US sourced materials.

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