MAy 24, 2018

Military Application

Shark-Co Mfg continues to offer the finest case inserts available for the private sector and we are proud to announce our multi-faceted efforts have expanded to include the U.S. Military.  With our capabilities, Shark-Co is able to eliminate paperwork associated with required kit diagrams as well as nomenclature specific forms.  We permanently mark each pocket, as specified by individual need, to ensure everything is in place and accounted for.  With a solid black surface as a relief, our inserts qualify as 5S and easily show if an item in your case is missing, saving valuable time and effort.  Shark-Co Mfg mills its case inserts making seamless features eliminating layers of glued foam.  Our primary, raw material, is closed cell polyethylene that will not hold moisture and is chemically stable.  It is impervious to acetone, petroleum, alcohol, and bodily fluids.   Contaminates won’t creep into and thru seams saving damage from your invaluable items.  Bonding agent failure causing your inserts to fall apart will never be a concern with our seamless process.

Our inserts are of the most stringent quality controlled on the market as we strive to match serviceability with aesthetic. 

Pictured below, a 155 Howitzer bore gage kit