In today’s world of direct-to-consumer product shipping, presentation and protection begin with the box. Shark-Co designs and manufactures customized shadow board shipping inserts that give your brand and products a professional presentation when the box is opened.

Along with a stellar presentation customized shadow boards precision-cut to showcase your product when the box is opened also secures it during shipping. In-transit damage has become a logistical nightmare for companies. Poorly packaged merchandise results in returns, re-shipping, refunds, along with damage to brand reputation. Poor reviews from shipping mishaps can be minimized with custom-fitted Shark-Co shadow board inserts.
Protection from the rough and rowdy handling of delivery services requires securing your shipments in the boxes. Customized shadow board inserts are designed to modernize your shipping department while saving money during packaging and minimizing in-transit damage. Stop stuffing shipping boxes with costly bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, air pillows, paper, and cardboard. Make shipping easier with precision cut shadow boards developed by Shark-Co.

A History of Protection
A family-owned, operated, and managed company, Shark-Co began operations designing protective cases with customized foam inserts to protect tools and equipment. Using advanced 3D CAD systems and foam solutions Shark-Co created custom cases to protect and organize tools and delicate equipment for a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, military, and others.

Committed to supporting the economy of the U.S.A and providing jobs to American workers, Shark-Co buys domestically manufactured, assembled, and packaged products. Extending their knowledge and expertise in protecting and organizing delicate instruments, tools, and equipment, Shark-Co expanded to serve the growing demand of online shippers.

Innovating Shipping of Fragile Products
Using custom foam inserts that are precision engineered using 3D imaging of product specs, shadow board inserts are designed to protect even the most fragile merchandise during their tilt-a-world rides while in transit. Ship glass, art, antiques, handmade items, musical instruments and so much more with protective made-to-fit shadow board inserts.

Drawn, cut, and manufactured to the exact shape this innovative shipping solution cuts packaging labor in half. Products can be stored ready to go in custom-designed shadow boards protecting them while in inventory storage. Made from closed-cell polyethylene foam that is fire, water, and mildew resistant, these customized storage and shipping solutions are free of harsh chemicals and lubricants keeping facilities environmentally friendly.
In storage and during shipping this cutting-edge dense foam adds minimal weight to shipping costs yet provides more protection than other packaging insulators.

Savings When Using Custom Shadow Boards
When shippers decide to ship the 21st Century way with custom-fitted shadow boards by Shark-Co the savings add up quickly.

  • Decrease in packing time, saving on labor costs
  • Save by buying boxes that fit exactly instead of oversized ones to stuff with costly fill
  • Save by eliminating expensive bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, cardboard, and brown paper
  • Save on air pillow machinery along with its maintenance and repair and supplies
  • Save on damage claims, returns, and repeat shipping
  • Eliminate bad reviews caused by products damaged during shipping

The most exciting part of revolutionizing your shipping department into the 21st century with shadow boards designed, engineered, and precision-cut to fit each product is the enhanced presentation when the box is opened.
With clean, neat shadow board packing, customers will no longer have to sift through and dispose of mountains of bubble wrap, (although it’s fun to pop), or stuff their recycling with reams of brown paper, (although it’s good for kids to color on), or be disappointed by damaged goods, (which is no fun at all).

Opening boxes can be fun again. Let’s talk and make it fun for your customers and bottom line. We make shipping a 21st Century experience, are you ready?