“For every minute spent in organizing an hour is earned”. This quote by the Founding Father of America Benjamin Franklin rings true for every customer who receives an order of customized shadowboard from Shark-Co. It all began in a galaxy far, far away with scientists, engineers, robots, and supercomputers. That’s the dream, the reality is that this customized organizing solution began in a garage in Lebanon, Indiana.

It would have been great if R2-D2 and C-3PO stopped by to lend a hand and cut down on the time spent on trial and error, but they didn’t. Shark-Co is a woman-owned family business. Monica and Jason Sharkey along with then 7-year-old Piper created this homegrown business as an invention of necessity.

Noticing the amount of wasted time looking for parts and tools for simple projects, the idea of customized organization was born. Pitching in with drawings, 7-year-old Piper traced the shapes of tools, and accessories. The prototypes were the seeds for an idea that graduated into Shark-Co, a garage-based business with a CNC milling machine in a non-descript neighborhood garage in Lebanon, IN.

Shark-Co Custom Shadowboard to Organize Any Industry

Shark-Co doesn’t make the tools for Porsche and IndyCar; it makes the customized form-fitting foam organizing inserts for cases that protect and organize them. Sourcing the best raw materials from throughout the USA combined with precision manufacturing processes and quality control oversight, Shark-Co has provided customized foam organizing solutions for an amazing array of industries and uses.

Shark-Co offers cases that is custom-fitted with a precision cut shadowboard to protect and organize sensitive, measuring, and or photography equipment, tactical supplies, tools, laptops, and all fragile items.

Utilizing thermally bonded layers, Shark-Co fulfills customized shadowboard organizers for industries that include:

  • Automotive Specialists
  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Emergency and First Responder Personnel
  • Firearms Retailers, Collectors, and Transporters

Saving industries from lost tools and expensive equipment each custom cut shadowboard by Shark-Co is designed to have the necessary tools and supplies handy. This not only saves time on the job it saves money from lost, damaged, or misplaced tools, equipment, and supplies. With a spot for everything, an empty spot is quickly noticed.

Shadowboards for Shipping

Shark-Co can customize foam shadowboards for shipping. With the explosion of online ordering, every seller can easily ship fragile items safely and securely with customized foam insert shadowboards. Every business no matter the size can ship with confidence when protected by a customized foam insert by Shark-Co. Ship glassware, fragile handmade items, delicate instruments, and more with a custom cut precision-fit foam shadowboard by Shark-Co.

All shippers can save time and money with a precision made-in-the-USA customized shadowboard foam insert for shipping by Shark-Co. The Shark-Co solution can save money shipping fragile items by:


  • Cutting packing time
  • Eliminating the cost of bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts
  • Curtail returns for damaged items

Shark-Co is an Organizing Solution for Everyone

Another Ben Franklin quote sums it up, “A place for everything, everything in its place”. Shark-Co is committed to making Ben look wise by helping every individual and business find their place for everything. Organize, store, travel, and ship safely and securely with the protective organizing solutions of Shark-Co, committed to making life easier and keeping everything in its place. As they await the next call from the space pioneers Shark-Co continues on its mission to organize earth.