Having “everything in its place” is the ideal goal for anyone operating a mechanic or automotive repair shop. Unfortunately, there are limited hours in the day, and the organization ends up falling to the wayside when a busy schedule and customer needs take precedence. Shark-Co Mfg specializes in creating custom closed-cell foam solutions to help you manage the storage of your tools, ensuring that as items are used and needed to be put back that there is a place for just about everything! This type of organization can have a huge effect on the overall productivity, quality of work, and efficiency in meeting deadlines. 

Tool Storage Organization Solutions
Even before procuring a Shark-Co shadow board, the important choice is related to how you plan to store and organize your tools. Is it a mobile unit? Something that is permanently affixed to the structure of the bay? Our solutions are applicable to all major applications of any type of storage unit, as they are custom engineered for individual needs. We can also work with you to analyze the needs of your shop and the organization recommendations we would make to improve this process.

shadow board insert shark-co

Increased Efficiency Pays Off
As you see the organization of your shop improve, the profitability of your operation should also improve significantly. We know that organization does not always come inexpensively – which is why we assist to achieve efficiency to help pay for the investment made into custom storage solutions.

Custom Kitting & Mobile Tools

We are proud to offer a variety of kitting options also, for those that choose to take their operation mobile. With these enhanced storage and safety measures in place, you can count on your weather-resistant, drop-proof, and damage-resistant foam storage options to provide you with a quality look and appeal to your customer base. 


Ready to learn how your operation can benefit from our automotive industry solutions? Contact a Shark-Co representative today to discuss your applications!