Drone storage is especially important during the cooler months ahead in our region. While cases are available for a variety of drone storage techniques, finding customized inserts is especially difficult.

As many know, there are keys to storing drones safely and securely. First, cleaning of the drone is recommended to ensure it is put away without the potential for scratches or wear and tear due to dust, dirt, or debris. In addition, it is really nice to get the drone out for the warmer months when it is already prepared for launch!

Second, it is important to remember to remove any batteries that are a part of the drone and store them separately to prevent corrosion or damage to them. In addition, removing the charge from the batteries and leaving them at 40 – 65% is highly recommended to prevent permanent damage to the battery itself.

Third, you want to immobilize any moving parts before storing them to prevent potential damage from shifting while in the case. While a Shark-Co case insert does this anyway (more to come on that below), ensuring no damage promotes the longevity of your drone.

Fourth, if you do not have a proper case for the drone with a Shark-Co custom insert, you want to consider purchasing one. There are a variety of types and styles of cases, as well as inserts, but a Shark-Co insert is an industry-leading closed-cell foam board that fits inside the case snugly and is engineered to the exact measurements and shape of your drone to prevent shifting, damage, shock absorption, resistance to water damage and more. Our polyethylene material can be manufactured in a variety of densities to provide you with security and protection for your expensive tool.

Does your main drone provider offer a Shark-Co case insert option when shipping? If not, make sure to let your manufacturer know you want unmatched protection in the shipping and storage of a Shark-Co case!

To learn more about how to get one made for your specific use, please contact us on our website: https://shark-co.com/