So you’re wondering what Shark-Co is all about. Read here to find out what we do and why we are different from our competitors.

Who We Are

You may have stumbled upon our website or Facebook page and wondered, “What exactly does this company do?” We are Shark-Co Manufacturing, a family and woman owned business local to the Lebanon, Indiana community. When it comes to making sure your organization is efficiently storing and organizing its tools, products, and kits, we excel as if lives depend on it, because in some cases for our products, they do.

Beginning in 2016, Jason and Monica Sharkey started with a simple idea for an organization revelation. From a single CNC milling machine in their garage, they grew a thriving business. Their daughter, Piper Sharkey, is directly involved with all business operations and has been since the age of 7. She, along with her dear furry friend Fi Fi, serves as an inspiration to everyone that works with Shark-Co, showing the true meaning of a family business. Unlike our competitors, our customers get to experience one-on-one service with a person face-to-face. There are no guessing games as to what type of products will benefit you and your business.

What We Do

At Shark-Co, we build custom inserts to ensure that no tool is left behind, no part is missing in action, and we save you time and money. Everything Shark-Co does is custom tailored to your product needs. Whether on the production floor, shop floor, or hanger floor, Shark-Co custom foam solutions help the work get done efficiently, effectively, and safely. We also make the business-to-consumer shipping process for your high-end products safe and efficient, ensuring no damage in transit.

What Makes Us Different

Unlike our competitors, we do it all. From producing the foam, to cutting it to fit your needs, every step of the process is handled by our dedicated team.

We are not a DIY manufacturer.

Other companies typically offer do-it-yourself kits. This means that you not only have to trace every tool, you have to cut it precisely too. Our foam solutions are precision routed to your grid specifications and tolerances. The routed edges are contoured with added grip slots allowing for easy removal. Upon delivery, all of the slots we created are ready for the tools or parts to be put into place and put to work. We take the hard work out of the equation to ensure that we are able to give you a product that meets every single one of your needs without the DIY hassle.

Our foam is superior in quality and construction.

All Shark-Co foam solutions are produced using two-color, thermally-bonded layers that will not separate. Other companies give you the sheets separately, so that it is a constant battle of lining the sheets up correctly. While we have our standard colors that include, red, yellow, blue, grey, and solid charcoal, we also offer custom colors. This means that your product can truly be one of a kind.

Our product is truly manufactured in the USA.

Our product is domestically-manufactured, assembled, and packaged. This is important for a number of reasons including the support of our economy and the creation of local jobs. Our competitors often get their products from overseas, not investing in the future of business within our country or putting your hard-earned money back to work in America.

We oversee quality control with a human being and multiple sets of checks and balances.

Equipped with advanced equipment, 3D CAD systems, and production facility, Shark-Co works to precise standards and tolerances, along with continuous improvement practices designed around total customer satisfaction.

Curious as to how Shark-Co can help your business become more organized and productive? Contact us today!